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SSR Shrine

We are starting over.

Track your DDR progress
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This is yet another community devoted to everyone's favorite Step Step Revolution (old school language meaning DDR on the harder difficulties). Currently, all I'm going to do with this community is post what I do on DDR on a particular day, give the grades, maybe some screenshots from stepmania, maybe some thoughts.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to track their progress on this place is well. Or you could ask me questions, get advice, or whatever. Just no flamings and no shameless plugs for other communities. It's a shrine, so be respectful.

I, the moderator, have no real expectations for this community. It's open to anyone, even if you don't play on heavy, and its purpose isn't limited to just tracking your progress. Who knows? This thing may go in a totally different direction as time passes. But for now, I'm just doing this to quit saturating other people's friends' pages with me talking about my DDR endeavors, leaving it here for anyone that cares to read it. If you're in the same boat, hop on in. And even if you're not, and you got something to say, hop in as well.

~What will happen~

-Your first time you post a routine, it becomes a memory.
-You always post your day's achievements (routines, etc) on a new post. This is done so people reading up on a friends' page can see it and comment.
-Depending on how much you care to track yourself, you can copy your post and paste it into your memory post so you can tell how far you've come. Just check the date from the memory post, choose to manage entries on the community for the date of your post, and paste the new routine under the old one(s). Be sure to include the date when you edit.