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First post

Location: Home on functional Cobalt Flux
Time played: lots, with a rest in the middle
Difficulty: Heavy only
Songs (In no order at all): Ordinary World, My Generation, Matsuri Japan, Rhythm & Police, The Cube, Brilliant 2 U (Orchestral), Jam & Marmalade, Drop the Bomb, Abyss, Max 300, Dark Black Forest, Sandstorm, HVAM, Healing Vision, Paranoia Evolution, Candy *, Spin the Disc, Sandstorm, Midnite Blaze, Kind Lady.
Comments: All Grades were A, except for Kind Lady (AA), Dynamite Rave (AA), Jam & Marmalade (AA), and Max 300 (E). Passing is only a stamina issue- I'm pretty sure that whenever I pass it I get a B or an A.

I'll probably start writing down Perfect!! counts when I can start passing Max 300. Until then, it's strictly letters.

From 1 February 2005

Stomp it to my beat (A): 195 50 1 0 1 -
HVAM (A): 384 80 12 1 2 -
Spin the Disc (A): 251 35 2 1 3 12
Healing Vision (A): 306 41 3 1 2 -
Trip Machine Climax (A): 274 51 8 8 1 -
Jam & Marmalade (A): 193 15 1 2 3 13
Drop the Bomb (A): bleh...
Drop the Bomb again (AA): 253 12 2 3 0 12
Candy * (A): 254 66 3 1 3 28

From 8 February 2005

Wow I've been so tired recently. I DDR'd, but my steps were so soft on teh cobalt flux that many, many missteps ensued from taking too long to hit the sensor. I A'd everything, except for Orion.78, which I failed the first time through because I wasn't shuffling quite right. But after some profanities and another attempt, I got my custmary A.

Take that back- I didn't A everything. I finally passed Max 300 on metal today with a B. It only took me about a year since I could first pass Max 300 on soft, but whatever.

From 26 February 2005

We did many, many songs. I pretty much did all the hard stuff that I can do at least once- So Deep, Cartoon Heroes, Sakura (twice), Drop Out (twice), Dead End (twice), Paranoia Rebirth, Kakumei, Irresistiblement, Colors Oni, A Oni, V Oni, Rhythm and Police (many times- it's like Noah's favorite song), Frozen Ray, End of the Century, Dance Dance Revolution (Oni), Can't Stop Falling in Love Speed Mix- but not HVAM and Orion.78 -Civ Mix- as I wanted to spread out my pain across multiple songs. And I think I did just that. Even though we spread this across the whole day, by the end of it I was exhausted.

Even so, I did quite well. I A'd just about all those, except for Can't Stop Falling in Love SM because it was pretty much the last thing I did that day.

But more importantly, I got my first AA's at the arcade that day. My absolute first AA was B4U heavy, followed later by Sexy Planet -From Nonstop Megamix- Oni. I was impressed with both of these- B4U because it was the first and since there were no freeze arrows that's pretty difficult to do, and Sexy Planet because by AAing that I had unlocked Extra Stage for that round.
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