Kith (seenbutnotheard) wrote in ssr_shrine,

Quiet hours are the bane of my existence, as far as DDR goes.

Round the clock quiet hours are enforced on the week before and the week of exams, meaning I haven't been able to play for about 2 weeks now. I lost all patience today and fired it up on standard. I didn't play long, because the whole time I was just dying to step up to heavy. But I couldn't, because then people would start hearing me, and complaining, and getting me in trouble. And that's bad.

I just hope this time off doesn't kill my stamina like it usually does.

In Stepmania news, I AAA'd Quasar (C400). I guess that finally qualifies me in the "okay" catagory of sm players.

Image hosted by

Yep, that's three A's, all right.
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