Kith (seenbutnotheard) wrote in ssr_shrine,

I have decided to give DDR Extreme USA another chance recently. I guess I was a little too hard on it after the whole mission mode episode, but we've patched things up recently and that's cool.

My favorites from Extreme USA:

.59 (Warmup song)
B4U (Warmup song)
Jet World (Warmup song)
A Oni
V Oni
Tsugaru Apple Mix
Drop Out
Frozen Ray

And that's pretty much enough to wear me out in one go. And for the record, I get at least A's on all of these. Due to Extreme's retarded scoring technique for AA's (you gotta get BOTH a fc AND 93% dp), I don't pull many AA's on this thing. But I've gotten my share, though not consistently.

I've got Quasar down to 13 greats, but I don't want to go hunting the screenshot. Just believe me on this one.

Other cool things I've done recently:

Image hosted by

That's M from the Hard Mix, btw.

A 13-Option song:

Image hosted by

And since you can't read all the options, here's a pic of how it looked in game. Options displayed on the bottom.

Image hosted by

And lastly, but certainly not leastly, the hardest thing I've ever passed. And probably, the hardest thing I'll ever pass. I was pretty much in physical pain when it was over, and I vowed never to attempt the thing again: Shining Collection (Hard Mix Version, assuming it's different).

Image hosted by

I suggest you look at it, but that you never seriously attempt it. It's pain.
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