Kith (seenbutnotheard) wrote in ssr_shrine,

New shoes? *ba-chuu's*

I was forced to acquire new shoes yesterday. What better way to break em in a little than by playing DDRMAX at home for a bit. For this reason, I found the title for this post to be both insightful, relevant, and witty.

Routines went as well as could be expected for new shoes and new location. It got off to a slow start, though. After barely A'ing stuff and then failing Max 300, I took a break. Upon returning, I was starting to do much better. I was able to AA Healing Vision, Era and Holic with new records, and I even AA'd a few catas here and there. Also B'd Max 300 twice. Hopefully soon I can consistently A the thing on metal like I can on soft.
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