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I have rediscovered my love for DDR Konamix, and have been playing that over yesterday and today. Yesterday, I was just picking random songs that I liked and gave them a go. Dead End, Drop Out, Drop the Bomb, .59, B4U, End of the Century, the usual. I even A'd B4U (meaning in Konamix terms that I fc'd). That was nice.

And today, I decided to run through all 26 songs on the "Calorie Burner" Category. Sure, it starts out nice, with .59, Absolute, B4U, etc. but once it hits Dead End, things get tricky. Here's the songlist. It isn't necessarily pleasant.

1st: .59
2st: Absolute
3st: Afronova Primeval (cata)
4st: AM-3P -303 Bass Mix-
5st: B4U
6st: Burnin' the Floor
7st: Can't Stop Falling in Love
8st: Dead End (cata)
9st: Dive!
10st: Drop Out (it's a cata nowadays)
11st: Drop the Bomb
12st: Dynamite Rave (cata)
13st: DXY!
14st: End of the Century (it's a cata nowadays)
15st: Era
16st: Healing Vision
17st: Holic
18st: Hysteria
19st: La SeÑorita Virtual (Stupid lower case Ñ command doubling as a page back command)
20st: Leading Cyber (cata)
21st: Matsuri Japan (cata)
22st: Paranoia
23st: Paranoia Rebirth (cata)
24st: R3
25st: Super Star
26st: Trip Machine -luv mix-

So I did that in one run, and almost blew myself up. In terms of grades and whatnot, I'd say I did pretty well. I got B's all the way through. Remember the only way to get an A on Konamix is to get a full combo, so a B isn't all that shameful in Konamix. Using current grades, I'd say I A'd everything. Probably earned a few non-fc AAs as well. Except maybe Leading Cyber. I probably got a B on that one. Because I hate that song. And I was exhausted. I mean, by the time I had finished Paranoia Rebirth, dying seemed like a pretty swell idea.

Oh! and I A'd (aka AA'd) Matsuri Japan with 22 Greats. That was pretty cool. And I was one good away from a full combo on Era. Everything else was kinda bleh, hope to improve on that soon.
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