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So, I went to Gatlinburg. Cue DDR. And since Noah (other guy who, like me, is margianally okay at life) is also very interested in DDR, so cue DDR... all day long.

That's right. Just about all of last Saturday was spent in the arcade with Noah and I just going at it in ye arcade.

We did many, many songs. I pretty much did all the hard stuff that I can do at least once- So Deep, Cartoon Heroes, Sakura (twice), Drop Out (twice), Dead End (twice), Paranoia Rebirth, Kakumei, Irresistiblement, Colors Oni, A Oni, V Oni, Rhythm and Police (many times- it's like Noah's favorite song), Frozen Ray, End of the Century, Dance Dance Revolution (Oni), Can't Stop Falling in Love Speed Mix- but not HVAM and Orion.78 -Civ Mix- as I wanted to spread out my pain across multiple songs. And I think I did just that. Even though we spread this across the whole day, by the end of it I was exhausted.

Even so, I did quite well. I A'd just about all those, except for Can't Stop Falling in Love SM because it was pretty much the last thing I did that day.

But more importantly, I got my first AA's at the arcade that day. My absolute first AA was B4U heavy, followed later by Sexy Planet -From Nonstop Megamix- Oni. I was impressed with both of these- B4U because it was the first and since there were no freeze arrows that's pretty difficult to do, and Sexy Planet because by AAing that I had unlocked Extra Stage for that round.

Of course, I still can't do Extra Stage- especially when the guy demands that we do So Deep as Extra Stage. I can A it regularly, but 1.5x Reverse No Recover seems to just kill me. That and it was well over the 30th song I played that day. But oh well, I was most impressed with my performance, and both Noah and I returned from all that very satisfied with ourselves.

As for Noah, he started to try Standard at the arcade, and was passing some of the more intermediate stuff. He's doing 5 and 6 footers now, so hopefully he'll start playing at the Japanese Club DDR fests- assuming you'll still be hosting them.

Ugh. So, so very sore. About every muscle in my legs, my feet, and my back are all so sore- even today. But I'm glad I'm sore like this. It's been too long since I last blew myself up.

I've switched to the side of evil in Stepmania- two-handed style. But, like all else, I choose my own particular brand of evil, using what I like to call: DOUBLE INPUTS. Basically, it means that I have two hands over two sets of inputs for the same Player, or in other words, I can press either the up key OR the w key for up, the left key OR the a key for left, down OR s for down, and right OR d for right. So, with the left hand working aswd keys and the right hand working the ldur arrow keys, I can alternate between them to move a lot faster than I used to with just hand. Also, since I've got my hands spread over the inputs, I can move either (or both) of them easily without other fingers getting in the way.

It's crazy. It's evil. And it works.

Seeing as how I used to just be proud of barely getting an A on this, yes, it does help. Oh, and this was on the default difficulty of 4 btw.
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