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[27 Jun 2005|07:14pm]

Been a long, long time since I said anything here. Oh well.

It's just I haven't been getting much better for the longest time there. Kinda at a plateau, so to speak. But recently, some numbers show that I've been doing a little better. Still Extreme USA, still cobalt flux.

A (Oni)- fc AA'd with 38 greats.
Drop Out- A with 17 greats and 1 good.
Legend of Max- A.

That's right. A. 397 Perfects, 63 Greats, 16 Goods, 8 Almosts, 16 Boos, 3 O.Ks. Only fitting that the first time I pass LoM on that game I get an A. But don't ask me how it's fitting.
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[02 May 2005|06:44pm]

Quiet hours are the bane of my existence, as far as DDR goes.

Round the clock quiet hours are enforced on the week before and the week of exams, meaning I haven't been able to play for about 2 weeks now. I lost all patience today and fired it up on standard. I didn't play long, because the whole time I was just dying to step up to heavy. But I couldn't, because then people would start hearing me, and complaining, and getting me in trouble. And that's bad.

I just hope this time off doesn't kill my stamina like it usually does.

In Stepmania news, I AAA'd Quasar (C400). I guess that finally qualifies me in the "okay" catagory of sm players.

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[10 Apr 2005|06:53pm]

I have decided to give DDR Extreme USA another chance recently. I guess I was a little too hard on it after the whole mission mode episode, but we've patched things up recently and that's cool.

My favorites from Extreme USA:

.59 (Warmup song)
B4U (Warmup song)
Jet World (Warmup song)
A Oni
V Oni
Tsugaru Apple Mix
Drop Out
Frozen Ray

And that's pretty much enough to wear me out in one go. And for the record, I get at least A's on all of these. Due to Extreme's retarded scoring technique for AA's (you gotta get BOTH a fc AND 93% dp), I don't pull many AA's on this thing. But I've gotten my share, though not consistently.

Stepmania scores updateCollapse )
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[14 Mar 2005|09:19pm]

No matter how many times I play through Calorie Burner on Konamix, it always seems to wear me out.

Of course, that's because it's a good 26 straight songs of pain and anguish, and no matter how good you are at DDR, you can always put in that 'little extra' to do as best you can and get unbearably tired by the end.

This time, my 'little extra' yielded a good ol' full combo (aka A on Konamix) for .59, and I managed to get Drop Out to 4 noncombos. I also got really close to fcing Era and Holic. I swear I'll get them one of these days. And now, I pass out.
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New shoes? *ba-chuu's* [07 Mar 2005|11:44pm]

I was forced to acquire new shoes yesterday. What better way to break em in a little than by playing DDRMAX at home for a bit. For this reason, I found the title for this post to be both insightful, relevant, and witty.

Routines went as well as could be expected for new shoes and new location. It got off to a slow start, though. After barely A'ing stuff and then failing Max 300, I took a break. Upon returning, I was starting to do much better. I was able to AA Healing Vision, Era and Holic with new records, and I even AA'd a few catas here and there. Also B'd Max 300 twice. Hopefully soon I can consistently A the thing on metal like I can on soft.
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Konamix! [03 Mar 2005|06:06pm]

I have rediscovered my love for DDR Konamix, and have been playing that over yesterday and today. Yesterday, I was just picking random songs that I liked and gave them a go. Dead End, Drop Out, Drop the Bomb, .59, B4U, End of the Century, the usual. I even A'd B4U (meaning in Konamix terms that I fc'd). That was nice.

And today, I decided to run through all 26 songs on the "Calorie Burner" Category. Sure, it starts out nice, with .59, Absolute, B4U, etc. but once it hits Dead End, things get tricky. Here's the songlist. It isn't necessarily pleasant. Calorie Burner songlistCollapse )

So I did that in one run, and almost blew myself up. In terms of grades and whatnot, I'd say I did pretty well. I got B's all the way through. Remember the only way to get an A on Konamix is to get a full combo, so a B isn't all that shameful in Konamix. Using current grades, I'd say I A'd everything. Probably earned a few non-fc AAs as well. Except maybe Leading Cyber. I probably got a B on that one. Because I hate that song. And I was exhausted. I mean, by the time I had finished Paranoia Rebirth, dying seemed like a pretty swell idea.

Oh! and I A'd (aka AA'd) Matsuri Japan with 22 Greats. That was pretty cool. And I was one good away from a full combo on Era. Everything else was kinda bleh, hope to improve on that soon.
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YOUR LEGS A SPLODE [28 Feb 2005|11:22am]

So, I went to Gatlinburg. Cue DDR. And since Noah (other guy who, like me, is margianally okay at life) is also very interested in DDR, so cue DDR... all day long.

That's right. Just about all of last Saturday was spent in the arcade with Noah and I just going at it in ye arcade.

We did many, many songs. I pretty much did all the hard stuff that I can do at least once- So Deep, Cartoon Heroes, Sakura (twice), Drop Out (twice), Dead End (twice), Paranoia Rebirth, Kakumei, Irresistiblement, Colors Oni, A Oni, V Oni, Rhythm and Police (many times- it's like Noah's favorite song), Frozen Ray, End of the Century, Dance Dance Revolution (Oni), Can't Stop Falling in Love Speed Mix- but not HVAM and Orion.78 -Civ Mix- as I wanted to spread out my pain across multiple songs. And I think I did just that. Even though we spread this across the whole day, by the end of it I was exhausted.

Even so, I did quite well. I A'd just about all those, except for Can't Stop Falling in Love SM because it was pretty much the last thing I did that day.

But more importantly, I got my first AA's at the arcade that day. My absolute first AA was B4U heavy, followed later by Sexy Planet -From Nonstop Megamix- Oni. I was impressed with both of these- B4U because it was the first and since there were no freeze arrows that's pretty difficult to do, and Sexy Planet because by AAing that I had unlocked Extra Stage for that round.

Of course, I still can't do Extra Stage- especially when the guy demands that we do So Deep as Extra Stage. I can A it regularly, but 1.5x Reverse No Recover seems to just kill me. That and it was well over the 30th song I played that day. But oh well, I was most impressed with my performance, and both Noah and I returned from all that very satisfied with ourselves.

As for Noah, he started to try Standard at the arcade, and was passing some of the more intermediate stuff. He's doing 5 and 6 footers now, so hopefully he'll start playing at the Japanese Club DDR fests- assuming you'll still be hosting them.

Ugh. So, so very sore. About every muscle in my legs, my feet, and my back are all so sore- even today. But I'm glad I'm sore like this. It's been too long since I last blew myself up.

And here's some Stepmania info.Collapse )
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DDR Scores [27 Feb 2005|01:29pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hey, I'm new here, been playing DDR for three and a half years. I recently started ITG which also kicks ass.

Yesterday I played Sakura (heavy) and got an A, Max300 (heavy) and got a B and AA'd So Deep. Next game was Love <3 Shine (AA), A (oni) and got an A, then I finished off with Dance Dance Revolution on heavy and got an A. Then I got myself some water because I felt dead. I also taught my friends how not to rape the bar. *^_^* The poor thing was so abused!

Guess that's all for me!

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[08 Feb 2005|08:43pm]

Wow I've been so tired recently. I DDR'd, but my steps were so soft on teh cobalt flux that many, many missteps ensued from taking too long to hit the sensor. I A'd everything, except for Orion.78, which I failed the first time through because I wasn't shuffling quite right. But after some profanities and another attempt, I got my custmary A.

Take that back- I didn't A everything. I finally passed Max 300 on metal today with a B. It only took me about a year since I could first pass Max 300 on soft, but whatever.

I can't believe it took me so long, but that's what I get for not messing with metal for so long, and especially for hardly messing with DDR AT ALL for almost 3-4 months. I'm such a not-devoted gamer.
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[07 Feb 2005|09:43pm]

Since when do college students try and get to sleep at 9:30?

Yeah. Some girl from teh floor under me got mad because she was trying to get to sleep and I was DDRing (which I was told I could do up until 10, but whatev). But since she wasn't a jerk about it I quit for her. Aren't I just the ladies' man.

By the way, I gave DDRMAX another spin today (a few hours prior to firing it up again and making her all angsty), and things didn't go too hot. My chest area was all 'omg you have angina' and I'm just, 'now wait a minute there' but it was just 'no u r teh sux0r tonight'. And I was.

I no could pass Max 300 on metal yet again. But I wasn't feeling quite myself tonight, so bleh. But aside from that, A's and AA's as is my behavior.
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[05 Feb 2005|02:18pm]

[ mood | stunned ]

Alan did it, he passed maxx unlimted...

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[01 Feb 2005|07:50pm]

I DDR! At home on DDRMAX. On heavy, of course.

Stomp it to my beat (A): 195 50 1 0 1 -
HVAM (A): 384 80 12 1 2 -
Spin the Disc (A): 251 35 2 1 3 12
Healing Vision (A): 306 41 3 1 2 -
Trip Machine Climax (A): 274 51 8 8 1 -
Jam & Marmalade (A): 193 15 1 2 3 13
Drop the Bomb (A): bleh...
Drop the Bomb again (AA): 253 12 2 3 0 12
Candy * (A): 254 66 3 1 3 28
Max 300 (E): FAILED AT THE LAST FRIGGIN SECOND. Like, LAST SET OF TRIPLETS. NGSDKDJNBDSKJNBDKJVDNKJJFD I mean, I had over 400 perfects. I was doing really well. Next time.

btw, the random numbers are arranged as perfect!!, great!, good, almost, boo, O.K.
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---- [30 Jan 2005|09:57pm]

I play so little these days...but i guess ill mention alans progress, hes almost at his 1 month time limit for max 300 anyway he can almost pass on 4 (5 is what we know a 1x) so he may just meet keiths challenge.
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First post [30 Jan 2005|07:41pm]

Location: Home on functional Cobalt Flux
Time played: lots, with a rest in the middle
Difficulty: Heavy only
Songs (In no order at all): Ordinary World, My Generation, Matsuri Japan, Rhythm & Police, The Cube, Brilliant 2 U (Orchestral), Jam & Marmalade, Drop the Bomb, Abyss, Max 300, Dark Black Forest, Sandstorm, HVAM, Healing Vision, Paranoia Evolution, Candy *, Spin the Disc, Sandstorm, Midnite Blaze, Kind Lady.
Comments: All Grades were A, except for Kind Lady (AA), Dynamite Rave (AA), Jam & Marmalade (AA), and Max 300 (E). Passing is only a stamina issue- I'm pretty sure that whenever I pass it I get a B or an A.

I'll probably start writing down Perfect!! counts when I can start passing Max 300. Until then, it's strictly letters.

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